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Bob Huggins: The ‘Dive & Fill’ Zone Offense

with Bob Huggins,
University of West Virginia Head Coach;
Conference USA “Coach of the Decade” (U. Cincinnati)

Bob Huggins’ zone offense attacks the most vulnerable area on the floor: the high post. This offense uses the “dive and fill” concept to make the guts of the zone work. In this on the floor clinic setting, Coach Huggins uses four players to demonstrate the basic action of the offense. Primary areas of the floor used are the high post, short corner and wings. A key point for the high post player is to gain position under the guard. When the ball gets to this area, the offense has a 3-on-2 advantage. The basic alignment is a 2-1-2 set with the best, most active player in the high post. With great detail, Huggins shows the three-man rotation along the baseline when the ball is reversed. This is an excellent feature of the offense because it frees a 3-point shooter in the corners. Huggins demonstrates two options to get the ball into the high post or to an open shooter on the opposite wing, as well as how to create space for a lob at the rim. Once the action becomes 5-on-5, Huggins shows how to create mismatches against the zone. Options covered include the ball screen, the dribble pull (which opens the corner for the best shooter) and a corner action.

65 minutes. 2007.
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